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Start up Issues in Sony® VAIO Z Series Laptop

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What is the procedure of resolving start up issues in the Sony VAIO Z Series?

The Sony VAIO Z Series Laptop is the new 13.1” laptop including a 13.1” high-resolution LED display with 100% color saturation. The 512 GB SSD and the 4 GB RAM has made data access quite easy and fast. The laptop might sometimes have some start up issues. Sometimes, the system might not start even after the boot up process is completed. When you hit the power button, the LED light might blink for few minutes and then the power turns off while the screen appears to be black. There might be a number of reasons for this issue. The main reason might be the loss or damage of start-up files. These start-up files might have been damaged due to manual interference or malware infection. Another reason might be with the power supply. If the system battery or AC power supply have been damaged, then the system might not get enough power supply which causes the system not to start.

You might solve the start up issues in the Sony VAIO Z Series if you perform the following steps:
  • Check your monitor
  • Remove the battery
  • Check your hard drive

Check your monitor

When you attempt to start the Sony VAIO Z Series laptop, you might get only a black screen instead of images or videos. The problem might lie with the system monitor. The monitor might have lost its features or the monitor might not have been installed properly. You need to remove the monitor from your system and insert it in another system to check if the problem is with the monitor alone. If you find any problem with the monitor, you can use an external monitor or upgrade the monitor.

Remove the battery

The Sony VAIO Z Series laptop needs proper power supply to start working. The system uses a battery to get enough power supply. If the battery is damaged, the system might not get enough power and will not work. You need to remove the battery and put on the power supply to make sure if the problem is with your battery or the AC point. If system works in this situation, you need to replace the battery as the battery is damaged.

Check your hard drive

When the Sony VAIO Z Series laptop does not start up, you need to check if some sounds are coming from the processor. If the processor is working and the system does not start up, you need to check if the hard drive is working or not. For this, you need to remove the hard drive from the system and insert them into another system and check if the hard drive lets the new system boot up.

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