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Tips to repair Windows® XP in Sony® VAIO Z Series

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Things you need to know about repairing Windows XP in Sony VAIO Z Series

Sony VAIO Z Series are gorgeous, slim looking laptops that are much in demand. Windows XP is a preferred operating system for the Sony VAIO Z Series as it is quite easy to handle. However, some issues may occur in Windows XP during the installation period or even during processing time. Windows will sometime cause the inability to access the data or even login to your Sony VAIO Z Series laptop. In such cases, repairing of Windows XP becomes really important.

The common issues that can come in Windows XP in Sony VAIO Z Series and tips to repair Windows XP are discussed here.

  • The problems that can come in Windows XP in Sony VAIO Z series
  • The solution to fix the issue
  • Things to keep in mind before installation

The problems that can come in Windows XP in Sony VAIO Z series

The problems in running Windows XP in Sony VAIO Z series may be due to several reasons. The quality of sound, memory overloads, graphic effects, some minor hardware or viewing card error may cause the issue. Corrupted data in the file may also lead to the issues in Windows XP. The corruption in file may be due to viruses, spyware or other threats. This is the main source of problems in this operating system.

The solution to fix the issue

The repair or re-installation of Windows XP can be easily done. Repairing process in all the systems is similar only the inner hardware configuration and the operating system differ. If the person is well versed then the issues can be easily solved. The re-installation of Windows XP is done through CD-ROM or USB. Product key is quite essential for major problems. For installation, click ‘Start’ and then on ‘Run’. Type ‘Winver.exe’ in the space provided and click ‘OK’. Mention clearly about the version of Windows XP to be installed. The antivirus being used must be an updated version. Automatic updates will help in keeping the file leveled.

Things to keep in mind before installation

Before installing Windows XP in Sony VAIO Z Series, make sure that the Windows Internet Explorer 7 or Windows Internet Explorer 8 is un-installed. When the process of installation is carried on without the un-installing Internet Explorer, then after the repair in Windows XP is complete, Internet Explorer may become completely non functional. Internet Explorer should be re-installed after the repair process. Always have the backup files ready before going for repair. Wrong installation will lead to corruption of files. Reinstall is done by clicking on Start menu and then on ‘Run’. Type ‘appwiz.exe’ in the space provided, and finally click ‘OK’. Navigate to the Internet Explorer icon and click the ‘Remove’ option. Internet Explorer will be uninstalled. These precautions must be taken to restore the Windows activity and to protect your valuable data.

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