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Recovery Partition in Sony® VAIO Z Series

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Information on Recovery Partition in Sony® VAIO® Z Series

We all know that Sony VAIO Z Series is an excellent system with a number of features. The user should also know the importance of recovery partitions in Sony VAIO Z Series systems. Recovery partition is the physical disk that can further be divided into logical disks. They are also called as volumes, they usually appear on the C: and D: drives. The MBR and EPPs collects information about the total volumes consumed on the physical disks space. It contains four entries which describes a partition. A partition in MBR is called as Primary Partition. The tables MBR and EPPs are known as the Partition tables which are important in the system. Recovery Partition is a very important part in the system. We need to backup recovery partition before re-installing it or if it is corrupted.

Let’s know how to get rid of corrupted recovery partitions in Sony VAIO Z Series:

  • Information on Disk scan
  • Information on Partition Table
  • Information on Auto Mode

Information on Disk scan

The disk.ZAR has the capability to search in for any such problems. Manual acknowledgment of the established objects to their consequent volumes is definitely required, but the most helpful strategy in corrupted recovery partition is to fix the Disk scan. The disk scan can be done with the help of website administrator’s guidelines.

Information on Partition Table

A partition recovery is specially designed to recuperate, re-install, re-format, delete, corrupt MBR, Windows XP, 2000, 2003, Me, and damaged partitions on the hard drive of Sony VAIO Z Series. To repair your spoiled or ruined partition, simply chose Rebuild Table. There will be an Auto and Interactive mode present in the tool to recover corrupted Recovery partitions in Sony VAIO Z Series.

Information on Auto Mode

The Auto mode will mechanically save all partitions establish without procedure control while the search processing continues. The Auto mode process mostly doesn’t vary. The Interactive form helps you to choose each partition that is set up in Partition Doctor physically. Follow the instructions on screen and you will be able to know which step to move forward with.


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