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Formatting Sony® VAIO Z Series

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About Formatting Sony VAIO Z Series.

Sony VAIO Z Series is one of the latest launches by Sony in the laptops category. But like any other computer, even a Sony VAIO Z Series laptop has to face some situation sooner or later that requires formatting. The reasons may vary from corrupt operating system, slow performance, virus attack or just the wish of computer user who wants to clean the hard drive to get a fresh start.

Here is a detail information on Sony VAIO Z Series Format :

  • Some information about Sony VAIO Z Series
  • Formatting Sony VAIO Z Series
  • Issues related to the formatting of Sony VAIO Z Series

Some information about Sony VAIO Z Series

Sony VAIO Z Series is the fastest 13-inch laptop in the market with its 2.4GHz Intel Corei5 M520 processor. The graphics processing is done by the NVIDIA GT 330M which can be switched off if resource intensive multimedia processing is not being done. Sony VAIO Z Series has a humongous 4096 MB DDR3 RAM and a 256 GB Solid State Drive. It comes loaded with Windows 7 professional (64 bit). The model has WWAN, Memory Stick Card Reader, Express Card, HDMI output and a 16:9 screen for complete movie viewing experience. It has a Sony SmartWi Connection utility that acts as a vigilant barrier for the Internet while hooking up to a local Wireless router.

Formatting Sony VAIO Z Series

Sometimes users might want to install another operating system in the laptop or might want to start the computer that has no infections and other problems. For this, formatting the system is the first step towards installing a new operating system. Sony VAIO Z Series runs on 64-bit architecture. The Sony VAIO Z Series has a hidden recovery partition that can be accessed by pressing ‘F10’ key for booting up the system. This can be used to completely format the system like a brand new laptop with default factory settings in it.

Issues related to the formatting of Sony VAIO Z Series

The biggest issue while formatting a laptop is the availability of drivers and utilities for the new operating system. The user should make sure that there system is fully equipped with drivers that has enough storage space otherwise many functions won’t work. The Sony VAIO Z Series supports 64-bit architecture. Hence the operating system should also be 64 bit. Users also face trouble with using the Windows XP downgrade kit for Sony. Formatting a drive should only be done by an expert user otherwise it may lead to unusable partitions that might not be in the correct file format.



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