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DVD Drive in Sony® VAIO Y Series Laptop

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How to make use of the DVD drive on your Sony VAIO Y Series?

DVDs and CDs are very similar in terms of appearance, but they are very different in terms of functions. A DVD can store about 6 times the volume of information that a normal CD can hold and data transfer rates of DVDs are also faster than that of CDs. DVDs are also extremely economical because of which they can be used as medium to store backup data from a system(hard disk). This is why all new generation computers come preloaded with DVD drives. This includes your Sony VAIO Y Series Laptopsystem. The DVD drive on this machine has been made of the highest quality materials and all of the internal components have been thoroughly tested so that users will not get problems of any sort while using the DVD drive on this machine. DVD drive is hardware and it requires specific drivers to function. The DVD drivers are absolutely essential for the DVD drive to communicate with the operating system. This implies that without DVD drivers the DVD drive will not be able to perform the required functions desired by the user.

Following details mentioned below will give users more information regarding tips to use the DVD drive on Sony VAIO Y Series system efficiently:
  • Clean DVD drive
  • Update DVD driver installed
  • Handle the drive with care

Clean DVD drive

The DVD drive on your Sony VAIO Y Series system has small moving parts which rotate the DVD and help the system access information on the disk. As the DVD drive gets used over time, the internal components might get dust or dirt settlement which would greatly decrease the efficiency of the DVD drive. All Sony VAIO Y Series system users are therefore recommended to clean the DVD drive once in a week with the help of a cleaning disk to ensure that the internal components are working without any friction so that the drive will perform efficiently.

Update DVD driver installed

All drivers on your Sony VAIO Y Series must be updated regularly. Updated drivers will extract better performance from the hardware as latest drivers will be free of errors or inherent glitches. This also includes the DVD driver on your Sony VAIO Y Series. Sony VAIO Y Series users who want to keep the DVD drive working at maximum possible efficiency must update the DVD drivers that are installed on the system regularly.

Handle the drive with care

The DVD drive on your Sony VAIO Y Series is a very fragile piece of hardware and users must take special caution when using the drive. Manhandling the DVD drive will damage the internal components of the drive which would cause malfunction of the drive. All Sony VAIO Y Series users who wish to keep the DVD drive working at optimum efficiency must handle the drive with care.

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    prashant kumar

    i am having vaio- vpceb16fg . my dvd player is not working. plz help

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