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Video drivers in Sony® VAIO X Series

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Learn how to install and update video drivers in Sony VAIO X series

Sony VAIO X Series features the Intel Atom processor. The operating system used is the 32-bit version of Windows 7. Sony VAIO X Series provides long battery life and its solid state drive of 64GB helps to improve speed. It offers good wireless LAN connectivity. The video driver in the laptop is a program which helps to use the video card or display adapter and it is installed on the hard disk. The video drivers will be installed in your laptop and if you want, you can install new versions to enhance the performance of the video hardware.

Guidelines to install video drivers in Sony VAIO X Series and things to keep in mind while installing are given below.

  • Installing a new video driver
  • Updating the old versions of video drivers
  • Things to keep in mind while installing the drivers

Installing a new video driver

Before installing a new driver for the video card of the Sony VAIO X Series laptop, you have to ensure whether the video card is integrated with your laptop. For a new video card you would get an installation disc along with the package. You can download the video drivers from the website of the manufacturer and install those drivers according to the instructions provided. You have to close all the applications before doing so and once the driver is installed, restart your laptop.

Updating the old versions of video drivers

If you already have a video card for your Sony VAIO X Series laptop, and if you want a new video card, uninstall all the drivers used for the previous card. You can see your old card name in the Display Adapters feature of Device Manager in the Control Panel. Uninstall it and restart your system. Then run the configuration disc, which allows you to install the drivers for your new video card.

Things to keep in mind while installing the drivers

If you install new video drivers for your Sony VAIO X Series, it might change the display settings of your laptop. Sometimes newly installed drivers can reduce the efficiency of your laptop due to its instability or due to the presence of bugs. In such case, uninstall that video driver and install a new one. Drivers for a new video card should not be installed if there is a video card already existing in your laptop. Ensure that the drivers you are installing belong to the video card of your laptop.

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