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Sony® VAIO Windows® 7 Upgrade

How does one upgrade Windows XP to Windows 7 on a Sony VAIO laptop?

Clean Install formats the hard drive before installing the operating system. Then all user data, files, and settings are erased and a new copy of the operating system is installed. The data backup would be required to save desired files such as documents, music, and pictures. The existing software in your computer would also be lost and need to be reinstalled. The Clean Install is necessary while upgrading directly from Microsoft Windows XP to the Windows 7 operating system. If the Windows Vista operating system is currently installed in your computer, you have the option to perform a Clean Install. If you do not have the Windows 7 operating system, you would need to purchase a retail copy of it. You could use the Microsoft Upgrade Adviser Tool to determine which version you can install.

Information on upgradation of Windows XP to Windows 7 in a Sony VAIO laptop:

  • Back up your data
  • Recover your computer system
  • Run the downloaded file

Back up your data

You must make sure that you back up your valuable data to an external storage device such as documents or pictures stored in your hard disk. Write down your e-mail address and the password you have registered if you have renewed the McAfee PC Security Center subscription. You must enter them to reactivate the subscription after the upgrade. For the backup data for your e-mail software, follow the steps for the e-mail software whose data you want to back up. Windows 7 does not include e-mail software.

Recover your computer system

The Windows 7 upgrade needs information on the recovery partition to upgrade your computer system to the Windows 7 operating system. Recover the computer system using the recovery discs to restore the computer to its factory default settings if you have deleted the recovery partition. Some software that cannot be installed after the upgrade since Windows 7 Upgrade does not contain all the third-party software. For starting the Windows 7 setup, you need to log on to your computer with a user name, which contains only alphanumeric characters, and as a user with administrator rights.

Run the downloaded file

Copy the file stored in the external device to the local drive of the computer before proceeding. After the installation is done, click ‘Start’ and type VAIO Windows 7 Upgrade in the search text field; then Press ‘Enter’. Uninstall the drivers or applications listed in the VA7U Top Page manually. If no instructions are listed in the VA7U Top Page, skip this step. You could run the Automatic Updates. System would prompt the user to restart the system after the installation for automatic updates. For Manual Updates, click the ‘Start Downloading’ button.

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