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Sony® VAIO Windows® 7 Recovery

What are the tips to use recovery disk in your Sony VAIO notebooks?

Sony VAIO is a series of highly configured laptop computers from Sony. This laptop series powered with various Intel processors include Intel Centrino Duo Processor, Intel Core 2 Duo Processor and more. At times, you may encounter crashes or freezes in your system due to various reasons like viruses, file corruption, which may damage all files and applications that you have saved in the system. You can use recovery disk to regain all your lost data. It is a disk that holds a copy of the operating system and device drivers. It allows you to reinstall the operating system, device drivers to a safer state. It also allows you to do the recovery without losing your personal files and applications.

Following is some information about the advantages, disadvantages and tips to use recovery disk in your Sony VAIO desktop:
  • Things to be kept in mind
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages

Things to be kept in mind

While using the recovery disk in your Sony VAIO laptop, you need to ensure a number of things. You need to disconnect all the devices that you have connected with your computer. Make sure that theSony Vaio boot CD/DVD and ROM is configured. Then you need to insert the recovery disc in the drive and allow the system to boot from CD/DVD. You need to choose the option to recover the system without formatting your hard drive. You also need to ensure the proper working of your CD/DVD drive.


Recovery disk helps you to recover the damaged or corrupted data from your Sony VAIO laptop easily. It helps you to restore the application programs and even the operating system, while encountering issues. In terms of the medium, recovery disk, it is more secure compared to other ones. If you are using a hard disk recovery, it is possible to encounter a crash or freeze, but in recovery disk there is a lesser chance for such issues.


Compared to other recovery options, recovery disk has some disadvantages also. It takes more time to recover data compared to other mediums like hard disk or removal disk. CD/DVD has a slow access time as compared to others. You need to have CD/DVD drive in your system to recover your system using recovery disk.

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