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Bluetooth® drivers in Sony® VAIO W Series

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How to install bluetooth drivers in Sony® VAIO W Series?

The Sony VAIO® W series was launched to support the technology trend and its compact size makes it more useful for women as they are light in weight and can be carried easily for long. The performance they deliver is not less than the high valued and big size versions of Sony VAIO® laptops. They are stylish and come in different vibrant colors so you can choose according to your favorite color.

This laptop has an inbuilt Bluetooth® device, which can be paired with other Bluetooth® enabled devices for sharing data via wireless network. However, this can be done only if the laptop has appropriate Bluetooth® drivers installed in its operating system.

Here we will discuss about the installation of Bluetooth® drivers:

  • Tips for installing Bluetooth® Drivers on Sony VAIO® W series
  • Things to keep in mind
  • Consequences of drivers not being installed

Tips for installing Bluetooth® Drivers on Sony VAIO® W series

The process installing Bluetooth® drivers on Sony VAIO® W series contain few simple steps. There is nothing to worry about if you are having problems in finding or installing drivers. If it is the first time installation than you might probably use a CD/DVD. You have to insert it in the optical drive and run the setup wizard of ‘Bluetooth exe file’. The setup will install the driver for the Bluetooth® device. If you do not have the option of diskette you can download the driver and then deploy it on the system.

Things to keep in mind

You must be aware that Bluetooth® devices can only be connected to other Bluetooth compatible devices only. Most mobile devices have the option of connecting in this way.

Bluetooth® service consumes more battery power other than normal task so make sure you use it wisely. It is good to have the facility within your system as you cannot take wire of the mobile device every time with you.

Consequences of drivers not being installed

The only possible way to avail this service is by installing the compatible drivers. In case the correct drivers are not installed then you will not be able to make use of it. With the help of Bluetooth® you can easily store and share text documents, Pdf files etc.

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