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Sony® VAIO W Series Blue Screen

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What are the reasons and consequence of blue screen error in your Sony VAIO W Series?

Computer errors are of many types. The most common of them are blue screen errors. When these kinds of errors occur the entire screen goes blue without icons, folders, or cursor making it impossible to navigate away from the screen. There are a wide variety of reasons as to why blue screen errors occur on your Sony VAIO W Series. These include incorrect driver installation, software clashes, registry problems, malware infection, etc. Blue screen errors make working on Sony VAIO W Series impossible. The system becomes highly unstable and user may not be able to save any of the work being done. Repeated blue screen errors can even cause hard disk damage. Blue screen errors cause system to be working at snail’s pace. The performance is affected so badly, that executing a program or application will be impossible.

Following details mentioned below will give users more information regarding how to prevent and fix blue screen errors.

  • Antivirus and Antimalware tool
  • Registry cleaners
  • Driver updates
  • Reinstall of OS

Antivirus and Antimalware tool

If your Sony VAIO W Series system is experiencing blue screen errors it is recommended that good updated antivirus is installed. Since most of the blue screen errors are caused by malwares, a thorough scanning and deletion of malwares will usually help remove them. Having an antivirus program installed on your Sony VAIO W Series is a good idea to help prevent future infections and errors.

Registry cleaners

Blue screen errors are known to occur due to registry problems. If the registry has too many entries there might be clashes between them causing errors. It is advisable that all users install their Sony VAIO W Series systems with a registry cleaning software to clear registry problems as well as organize the registry for future use.

Driver updates

Incorrect or bad driver installations can cause blue screen errors. Users should make sure that the drivers installed on Sony VAIO W Series system are genuine and correct. Sony website should also be visited to see if some of the drivers are outdated. Outdated drivers can cause errors and should be upgraded to latest ones immediately.

Reinstall of OS

If all the above mentioned ways cannot resolve blue screen errors on your Sony VAIO W Series it is recommended that the operating system is reinstalled. Reinstalling the operating system ensures there are no malwares, system errors, or registry problems, and that the system is made to “factory-state”.

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