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Features of Sony® VAIO PCG-7Z2L

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Read on to know the various features of Sony VAIO PCG-7Z2L laptop.

Sony VAIO PCG-7Z2L laptops are high performance laptops with remarkable features. They are capable of doing multiple tasks in less time and are equipped with best AC Adapters, DC Jack cables, 200GB SATA 4200RPM hard drive, 1GB or 512MB DDR2 memory and 15.4 LCD screen. One of the reasons for improved performance is the AC adapter. It checks the correct amount of current and voltage to be drawn from the battery and calculates the quantity of current needed from the laptop itself and not the AC adapter. This method is very effective in power management. It uses DC Jack w/c cables. The 200 GB SATA 4200 RPM hard drive is capable of providing enough space for storing all your data.

The best features of this product are given below:

  • Best power management
  • Best design
  • Other features

Best power management

Sony laptop gives you best power management system that is absent in previous versions of Sony VAIO laptops. It is equipped with AC adapter and controls the quantity of current drawn to and from the battery. It finds the amount of current needed to operate your sony laptop from the laptop itself instead of AC adapter. It can be used in ‘Safe Mode’. As the AC adapter makes the effective control of power, energy wastage is less and the system can be used for longer period without interruption. The system doesn’t get heated up suddenly and the temperature generated is less inside the system.

Best design

Sony VAIO PCG-7Z2L laptop is given a compact design to handle it easily. This contains smart hardware components integrated with best technologies and this makes the difference of VAIO laptop from other models. This version of Sony VAIO laptop is equipped with 15.4 LCD screen. So people with visual disabilities can use it very easily. The screen is coated with anti glare elements, so the light loss can be efficiently prevented. The NVIDIA graphic card is best in providing you images with high quality graphic background.

Other features

This laptop has incorporated the best technologies to provide the users with best performance and power management. It is capable of producing 1920×1200 pixels and is equipped with HDMI ports for watching TV programs. It has additional features like Blue disc burner for viewing your DVD clearly. Sony VAIO PCG-7Z2L laptop is lighter in weight and can be easily carried while travelling. The Wi-Fi technology makes the fast transmission of data through network.

One Comment
    Phil Smith

    Mine died 100 days after I bought it. MB died. With only a 90 day warranty, it became expensive trash. It cost more to fix it, than I paid for it or could buy a good Toshiba. At least Toshiba has a year warranty and a cheap extented. This is also a tech nightmare. You have to disassemble halfway to take out the HDD to delete or replace it. I will never buy a Sony again.

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