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Does your Sony® VAIO laptop have no Sound?

Sony Vaio sound issue
What are the common causes due to which no sound problems occur on Sony VAIO laptop and the ways to fix the issues?

The Sony Vaio computers, both the notebook and desktop models, are often regarded as high value devices of the computer world. These laptops are generally high-end, high-performance computers that come at a premium cost. Like all computers, things can also go wrong on a Sony Vaio, including in the sound department. To troubleshoot a Sony Vaio laptop with a frustrating sound problem successfully requires careful diagnosis. The sound problems might due to several problems. First and foremost you should check the sound cards in your Sony Vaio laptop. Many of these sound problems are due to the problems with the speakers. When all these troubleshooting efforts come to failure, purchase and install a new sound card. It is also possible to do on a Vaio laptop with a PCIMIA card. Good sound cards are not terribly expensive

The common causes due to which no sound problems occur on Sony VAIO laptop and the ways to fix the issues are:
  • Hotkey stops working
  • Start at the back end
  • The green port

Hotkey stops working

Sometimes the hotkey that controls the volume of your laptops speaker stops working, it is due to outdated drivers for the device. It is possible to find drivers for your hotkeys as well as other devices like your sound card or video card at the Sony Vaio website. To avoid any functionality or compatibility issues that might crop up with your Sony Vaio laptop, check for the new drivers at least once in a month.

Start at the back end

Many sound problems have nothing to do with the computer hardware but with the speakers. Must be sure any powered speakers are actually plugged in, turned on, and functional before assuming there is something wrong with the computer. You can find the sound card under the Sound Devices heading. If you do not have sound card then visit the Sony Vaio website and download and install a fresh copy of the driver for your make and model of machine. To make sure the proper sound card is assigned to the role of providing sound for the system check Control Panel/Sound.

The green port

Most of the computer manufacturers color-code sound ports for ease in setup. You should check to be sure that the external speakers are plugged into the green speaker out port, if you have recently moved your computer or the cables. Check with the manufacturer website to be sure you are plugging the speakers into the correct port If you have a higher-end sound card that does not feature a green port.

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