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Shutdown Issues in Sony® VAIO JS Series

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What are the possible Shutdown issues in Sony VAIO JS Series?

According to the system, shutdown is the most important process. Through the shutdown, system saves the dates inside the system and decreases the chance of data corruption or loss. But if this shutdown does not occur properly, the result will be reverse. If the Sony VAIO JS Series system shuts down suddenly, that indicates some of the programs inside the system not working properly. System fans used for cooling the Sony VAIO JS Series system is such a reason for this shutdown. If the fans inside the system are not working properly, the Sony VAIO JS Series Computer will start to overheat and this will result in the sudden shutdown of system. The software, which control these fans are not working properly, and also this shutdown occurs through overheating. This sudden shut down indirectly depends upon many of the other causes. Viruses are the most important in such indirect causes. They can corrupt all the software present in the Sony VAIO JS Series system and also the registry. By the improper working of software and the registry, the system cannot work properly and thus it results in the sudden shutdown. The system has this only way to protect it from some of the other severe problems which might happen due to this software and registry issues.

To resolve the sudden shut down issue, you can use any of the following methods:
  • Cleaning of fans
  • Repair the software
  • Trouble shoots the drivers

Cleaning of fans

Since overheating always results in the sudden shutdown, you might solve this issue by cleaning the fans. Dust particles present in the Sony VAIO JS Series system might block the ventilation and thus the fans become unusable. By cleaning or removing those dust particles, you can resolve this overheating and thus the sudden shutdown.

Repair the software

Some of the software corruptions also cause this sudden shut down issue. Since viruses present in the system actually cause this problem, by using any of the antivirus software, you could repair the corrupted software. After this software repairing, the sudden shut down problem might be solved.

Trouble shoots the drivers

Even if the drivers do not directly cause this sudden shut down issue, but the damage or failure of these drivers could cause the issue. To avoid this problem analyze the driver properly and trouble shoot the issue. If this could not resolve the issue, then up-grading of drivers might resolve the shut down issue.

One Comment

    everytime I try and update any drivers my system will not restart without going through the your system failed to restart program which does an internal repair. I hold my breath and pray it will restart but now I am very leery of making any updates. Also I have windows 7 0n this VGC-JS410F any recomendations on how I should keep this computer at it’s optimal will be appreciated since I really think it is my favorite computer I have ever owned. It is a few years old now so I know it must need updated drivers, I can not add memory or another screen which I had not counted on I would like a larger screen now. Please respond to my email and thank you for a wonderful product.

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