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Set-up Windows® 7 on Sony® VAIO JS All-in-one Desktop

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Tips to Set-up Windows® 7 on Sony VAIO® JS All-in-one Desktop

Setting up Windows® 7 Operating System on Sony VAIO JS All-in-one Desktop is one of a kind as it is one of the very few all-in-one desktop computers in the market at present. This desktop computer comes with Windows® 7 Operating System. However, those users using the previous versions like Windows Vista® or Windows® XP can very well go for upgrading it to Windows® 7 manually. In order to install Windows® 7 Operating System on your computer, you need to do certain tasks.

Mentioned below are points to install Windows® 7 on Sony VAIO® JS All-in-one Desktop:
  • Activate Windows® 7 operating system
  • Register Windows® 7 operating system
  • Configure Windows® 7 operating system

Activate Windows® 7 operating system

This is the first and foremost step if you want to set up Windows® 7 Operating System on your computer. Activation is nothing but installing Windows® 7 Operating System on your computer and registering it with the Microsoft Corporation and making it legal. The reason activation is needed is because some of the features of the operating system will be disabled if your OS is not registered. Hence, it is highly important that you set-up Windows® 7 on your computer. The steps needed to activate Windows® 7 are given as follows. The first step is to click open the ‘Control Panel’ in your computer and then select ‘System and Security’ menu and then, select ‘System Control Panel View’. In case, you have installed Windows® 7 Operating System and not yet activated the Windows® 7 RC Ultimate Version (RC stands for Release Candidate), you will be able to see the Windows® Activation tab at the bottom of the ‘Control Panel’ window.

Register Windows® 7 Operating System

Make sure that you have the Internet connection turned on in your computer. Once you click on ‘Activate Windows Now’ tab, you will be activating it online. You will be prompted to give the activation key. The activation key would be processed and it will be validated. Once the activation procedure is completed successfully, you will register your computer and the Windows® 7 Operating System, thereby enabling all the benefits and features.

Configure Windows® 7 Operating System:

Configuring Windows® 7 is nothing but personalizing the operating system in your own desired manner. Customizing firewall settings, the proxy settings, the antivirus settings, network connections, etc., all fall under the configuration category.

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