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Sony® VAIO F Series Overheating

Sony VAIO F Series Drivers
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Reasons for Sony VAIO F Series Overheating

Sony VAIO F Series is multimedia and gaming oriented laptops developed by Sony. The Sony VAIO F Series includes four models. It is powered by Intel Pentium II processor with 366 MHZ speed, 64 MB RAM and 6.4 GB hard drive. Since, laptop overheating has become a common problem, Sony VAIO F Series laptops are no exception at that. While working, every machine generates some heat. If the machine produces excess heat then it needs to be prevented. Overheating might occur due to several reasons. It might be due to physical or software problems. When dust blocks the fan overheating might occur. Changing or upgrading the operating system often causes software not to function properly. When this software does not work properly may result in overheating the system.

Symptoms and preventive measures of Sony VAIO F series overheating are given below:

  • Shutdowns or slow down
  • Use SpeedFan
  • Clean fan and vents
  • Add more RAM

Shutdowns or slow down

If your laptop is overheated, one of the most common symptom is it random shutdown. When you are doing some heavy work, your laptop might suddenly shuts down without any warning. Sometimes your laptop fan will work continuously and noisily at maximum speed. These are the symptoms of overheating.

Use SpeedFan

Overheating can reduce the life of your laptop. The sensitive electronic components get destroyed or burned due to overheating of computers. To avoid this problem, install a monitoring software called ‘SpeedFan’. This allows you to watch and keep track of the temperature of processor, hard drive and other components.

Clean fan and vents

One option to prevent overheating is to clean the fan and vents in your Sony VAIO F series. This helps move cooling air to the laptop. Elevate your laptop, so that the airflow from below is not blocked. Changing your laptop settings or using special cooling software helps to prevent overheating.

Add more RAM

If the processor runs more than the original specification, additional loading cause overheating of PCs. By increasing the RAM capacity of Sony VAIO F series, this problem can be solved. If you add more RAM, processor need not be active all the time and this reduces the temperature of your computer. Increasing the power of RAM also increases the speed and performance of your PC.

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