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Graphics Driver in Sony® VAIO F Series

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Guidelines for Installing graphics driver in Sony VAIO® F Series.

A new graphics card installed on your laptop is a simple and common upgrade available. Games have now become more complex, and because they imply much fun, a more powerful and advanced graphic card has become a necessity. The latest graphic cards offer almost cinematic effects. After you have decided what type of graphic cards you want, it is easy to install and configure it. The entire process lasts half an hour. Choose the graphic card depending on your needs and your activities.

The following points will provide a better understanding of graphics driver in Sony Vaio F Series Laptop:
  • Uninstall drivers of old graphics card
  • Removing the old card
  • Installing the new graphics card
  • Installing new drivers

Uninstall drivers of old graphics card

The first step in installing a new graphic card is to uninstall the old one. You can do this clicking on “My computer” and then on “Properties”. Open Device Manager option and look for type of graphics card you have. It should be located under “Display Adapter”. Double click on the graphic card. In the opened properties window, you will see your actual card. Hit “Uninstall” button located under “Driver” tab.

Removing the old card

Now the actual card can be removed. First of all, you must switch off your laptop and pull it out from the outlet. After you have opened the case, and you have located the AGP slot you can remove the card. AGP is a plastic brown colored slot. It is located under the PCI slots that are colored in white.

Installing the new graphics card

Before you start to install the new card you should read the instruction manual delivered together with the graphic card. After you have taken your card out from its wrapper you must slide it in the AGP slot of the laptop motherboard. Press it down firmly and make sure it is well fixed in its place. If the card is not fixed properly the operating system will not boot. Now you can fix its screws and put back the case.

Installing new drivers

Installing the new drivers is the last step of this process. After you switch on the laptop you can start installing the new graphic card drivers. The operating system is able to recognize the new installed hardware, and you will be guided in the next steps. In Control Panel select “Add Hardware”. Now you will be guided by a wizard that will show you what to do to install the drivers. After the drivers are installed you must restart your laptop. Before you install the drivers using the CD you should check Sony graphic card website to see if the vendor has launched more advanced graphics card drivers. If new up-to date card drivers are available it is recommended to download them.





    are you sure that vaio f series is upgradable


    you sure it will work?? so many people said it can’t be upgrade!!

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