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Using Bluetooth in Sony® VAIO F series

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How to enable and disable Bluetooth in Sony VAIO F Series Laptop?

Bluetooth is a radio technology that allows the wireless connection of different devices like laptops, mobile phones, and gadgets. Using the Bluetooth you can connect more computers in a network, and you can access different services dedicated to Bluetooth. There are two options to turn on and off Bluetooth in your Sony VAIO F series. You can do it manually, or you can use Wireless manager. To be sure that the Bluetooth can be turned on make sure that the system on which you want to connect it, allows this type of connection. Another important thing is the fact that simultaneous searching cannot be performed in Bluetooth.

The following points will provide a better understanding of using Bluetooth in Sony VAIO F series:

  • How to turn off the Bluetooth
  • How to switch on the Bluetooth
  • Tips for using Bluetooth

How to turn off the Bluetooth

First of all, you must look for the Bluetooth icon in the taskbar. If you deleted it to create space, try to locate it. Click twice on the icon and open “Wireless Switch Settings.” If the icon of the Wireless Switch is not in the taskbar, then you must open Sony VAIO F series central utility. You can access it by going in Start menu or in the applications of Sony VAIO F series Support Central, accessing System Information. Click on “Network Connections” and then on “+ /-” button to display the available options. Click on “Wireless Switch Settings” (this option usually has a square colored blue-green symbol besides it).
Verify the box from the dialog box of Wireless Device Switch that displays “Enable Bluetooth Device.” You must change the Wireless LAN values. You must change 2.4 GHz into 5 GHz. If you use Bluetooth and wireless LAN with 2.4 GHz the connection will become unstable. The Bluetooth radio can be activated by clicking on “Apply”. After you are closing the dialog box you will see another box that announces you that the icon of Wireless Switch Settings is displayed in the taskbar. Using this icon you will be able to turn on or off the Bluetooth.

How to switch on the Bluetooth

You can turn on your Bluetooth option following the steps explained above. The icon of Wireless Switch Settings will allow you to turn your Bluetooth on, as well off. Another option is to set the connection options from the computer control panel. Right click on the Start section and in Settings click on “Control Panel”. Click twice on Network Connection and highlight it. In the left, you will find “Enabling This Network Device” and click on it. Now the system will set the Bluetooth connection. The status will show “Connected” instead of “Disabled”.

Tips for using Bluetooth

Your Sony VAIO F series laptop also has a key combination or a switch to turn on and off Bluetooth. Consult the laptop’s documentation or go on the Sony website to find out what is the key command. But you must take into account that if you use a keyboard command to power on the Bluetooth, it is possible to switch off the adapter of the wireless adapter.

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