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Video drivers in Sony® VAIO E Series

sony vaio e series
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Installing video drivers in Sony® VAIO® E Series

The Sony VAIO E Series is an amazing general-purpose laptop and it has another aspect that makes it great for your home. It has a media player as well as offers a range of gaming options. The VAIO E Series is capable of doing this because of the video card. The frame drop especially for gaming is low compared to other laptops. The video card needs a video driver to function well. This serves as the communications channel for the device to run smoothly. The program makes a request, the driver sends it to the video card and the video card performs depending on the limitations of the device.

Here are a number of things you have to consider while installing or updating the video drivers :

  • Finding the right drivers
  • Installing the drivers
  • Avoiding unsigned drivers

Finding the right drivers

You need to find the right drivers. You need to select the video drivers for the exact model of the device and the OS that you are running. So for example, if your Sony VAIO E Series is running on Windows 7, the driver you should use must be compatible with the OS. You can find the drivers for video cards using the manufacturer’s website. You can also check on the website for Sony VAIO if the video card came with the package. These are the most reliable sources of drivers that you can go to.

Installing the drivers

You can use device manager to install the video drivers. Type on ‘Device Manager’ and then select the device that you want to update. Right click on the device. Select ‘Update Driver’ software. You will be prompted using a wizard to find and install the driver from the computer or online. If you have downloaded the driver or it came from a disk, use the first option and then find the driver from the directory. Once you have found the driver it will install itself. If you choose online, the computer will find the right driver for your VAIO E Series. It will automatically install and then your Sony VAIO E Series will restart.

Avoiding unsigned drivers

Unsigned drivers should not be taken as an option since they have not passed compatibility testing for your computer. An unsigned driver can destroy your system. Your laptop might suffer from inefficiency and at the end of the day a system crash.

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