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Touch pad in Sony® VAIO E Series

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Keep touchpad issues away in your Sony VAIO E Series

Part of the advantages of having a laptop like Sony VAIO E Series is the fact that you can easily change your location, set it up and use it very swiftly. The touchpad is an important input pointing device in the Sony VAIO E Series used to do most of the things like click, drag, select, and highlight. We also use this to look at properties of files and generally to navigate across the screen with ease.

Here are some of the advantages of the touchpad in Sony Vaio E Series Laptop, the problems one can experience and tips on fixing them:
  • Advantages of the touchpad
  • Driver issues
  • Hardware problems

Advantages of the touchpad

The touchpad helps us navigate across the screen with ease. As it just needs the use of the fingers, the focus of movement is more compact and much more ergonomic than using the mouse which uses the arms also to move around. The touchpad is more intuitive and precise and of course it is much more convenient since it is already included in the design of the laptop. The touchpad is very advantageous in using your Sony VAIO E Series since you do not need to deal with any extra hardware to get things done.

Driver issues

Since the touchpad is a hardware device, it requires drivers. If the drivers are not updated, the touchpad of your Sony VAIO E Series could be in deep trouble. Make sure to update the drivers of your touchpad using the device driver to easily address the problems. You should be aware that the device driver should also be reliable and compatible to your touchpad model and the device you are currently using. Incompatible and unsigned drivers can lead to system problems.

Hardware problems

If you subject the touchpad to too much heat, tamper with the mechanism of the touchpad or subject it to stress, you would have to seek professional help to set matters right. Handle your Sony VAIO E Series with a lot of care. Do not ever subject the touchpad and other parts to extreme conditions.


    I have sony vaio E series VPCEH16EN, my laptop mouse pad is working but the Zoom features by fingers are not working, or may it has been disabled. How to activate or enabled it. And Touch Pad Properties is not working, where can I find it.


    there is a problem with my vaio for touch pad.i just bougt it 2 months before and seen authorised service center two times,still no use,same problem.whats the reason..

      Sajeesh Sahadevan

      there is a problem with my vaio for touch pad.i just bougt it 2 months before and seen authorised service center two times,still no use,same problem.whats the reason..
      I am assuming that the laptop is still under warranty. If the touchpad is not working at all, the issue could be related to hardware or software (touchpad driver) or settings.
      The technicians at the service center must have considered all three. If this was not a Sony service center, I would recommend you contact Sony. They should be able to even replace the touchpad if required.


        Could u tell me how much does the replacement of touch pad cost…I am evaluating the cost of the touchpad …replacing a computer. Ram

    Vilayat Siddique

    i am using sony vaio e series lap.. i owned win7 home basic but recently installed win8 pro on ma lap but after dat i lost ma bluetooth.. m not getting it.. y and whats the reason..?? and how to get it back.???

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