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Setup in Sony® VAIO E Series

sony vaio e series
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Sony VAIO E Series and addressing issues regarding the setup configuration of the laptop.

Let us say you were doing your own restoration of your Sony Vaio E Series. You get started with it, not knowing about the unprecedented events that will come soon . You start the setup but soon enough your laptop gives you a message that the setup configuration was disabled. It is asking for a password that you have not setup before. Before becoming hysterical about the condition of your Sony VAIO , take these steps and procedures and see if it works for your setup issue.

Here are some of the tips that you can do to address the problems related to setup in Sony® VAIO® E Series:
  • Using the BIOS
  • Service Tag Utility
  • Resetting the system

Using the BIOS

The BIOS setup would be the best option that you can use to address the issues on your laptop. Enter the BIOS setup and then find the commands regarding the setup configuration. Do not tamper with the BIOS if you are not aware about the situation or the right commands to find and use. If you do not know how to handle it ask the help of a professional computer technician or maybe someone who has experienced addressing these issues.

Service Tag Utility

You can use the service or asset tag utility to remove the password that is hindering you from moving on to your setup. You need to go MS-DOS mode and the implement the asset tag utility. by using this one, you can already remove the password, use an extra hard disk if you cannot access your hard disk.

Resetting the system

If you have a functioning optical drive on your PC, try resetting your system to the original factory settings. This will enable the computer to revert the original settings. Of course this would mean that all the original files that you have on your Sony VAIO E Series will be destroyed. You should always keep in mind to backup your system religiously especially for uncalled for situations like this one.

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    my sony vaio E – series model no VPCEC35FG it’s battery not detected!plz help mee it just having 9 month only! what i can i do with this?!! plugg in not charged!

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