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Setup Windows® 7 in Sony® VAIO E Series

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Are you interested in knowing about the ways of activating, registering, and configuring Windows® 7 in Sony VAIO® E series?

The installation of Windows® 7 in Sony VAIO® E series requires a series of steps that need to be followed. After the installation is complete, the platform seeks for activation and registration. Even though both the processes sound similar, they have their own significance in the installation of Windows® 7.

The following points explain the details about the activation, registration, and configuration of Windows® 7.

  • Activate Windows® 7 in Sony VAIO® E series
  • Register Windows® 7 in Sony VAIO® E series
  • Configure Windows® 7 in Sony VAIO® E series

Activate Windows® 7 in Sony VAIO® E series

Activating Windows® 7 is the process of assuring the validity of the platform in use. The piece of software being used is genuine or not is ensured by activating the product and it unlocks the operating system. To activate Windows® platforms, Microsoft® offers a time period of 30 days; however, this should be done just after the installation of the operating system. The activation of the product helps the user in downloading free patches that are available over the Internet. For this, after connecting to the Internet, click on ‘Start’, right click on ‘My Computers’ and click on ‘Properties’. Then, click on the command “Activate Windows® Now”. The system will ask you the administrative password, type the password, and click on ‘Next’ to activate Windows® 7.

Register Windows® 7 in Sony VAIO® E series

Registration is the process of informing Microsoft® about all the personal information so that all the latest updates are communicated to the users and the system does not miss on any important update or patch. It is an optional activity and not mandatory. After the activation of Windows® 7, the system will ask whether you want to register while activating the operating system. Then, select the option that says “Yes I want to activate and register Windows® 7”. After this, click on ‘Next’, and then, finally, it will collect some personal information like first name, address, city, and email address.

Configure Windows® 7 in Sony VAIO® E series

Windows® 7 is available for configuration as per the needs of the user, and you can change appearance, display, or performance settings. You can also change the security settings according to the requirement of your system. The configuration of user access control helps in configuring the rights of users on the system. Thus, configuring of Windows® 7 allows the user to customize the settings and configurations.

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