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Sony® VAIO E Series Laptop Repair

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What are the tips to repair software issues in the Sony Vaio® E series?

Being one of the most researched products of Sony®, Sony Vaio E Series has brought users new and easy ways of navigation. It has been equipped with one touch options such as connecting to the Internet by pressing the web button, the software from Sony® helps in playing music and exploring the system to the best of its abilities and to troubleshoot the software issues the ‘Assist’ button helps the user in just one touch.

Tips to fix software issues in the Sony Vaio® E series
  • System freezing due to software problem
  • Red cross on the device driver
  • Applications not responding

System freezing due to software problem

If the Sony Vaio® E series freezes or slows down frequently then it is time to isolate and repair the issue and to start off with click on ‘Start’, ‘Run’ and type ‘MSCONFIG’, this utility helps significantly in increasing the PC’s performance. Click on the diagnostic start up tab and click on ‘load basic services and devices’. The utility will disable all the start up applications and the plug and play applications. However, make sure that you have saved restore points as it deletes the restore points. Click on ‘Apply’ and ‘Ok’, restart the system. Keep a check on the difference in performance. If there is a difference, it means one has to thoroughly detect the application which is causing problems and to do that open the Microsoft® configuration window again and under normal start up click on the check box which says ‘Hide all Microsoft® Services’ and alternatively disable all the start up services.

Red cross on the device driver

A red cross on the device driver means that the driver is not properly installed for the device and thus to repair it click on ‘Start, ‘Control Panel’ and ‘Device Manager’. Double click on the hardware device which has a yellow exclamation, check on the device status and right click on the device which will give the user the option of ‘Update Driver’, search it automatically and follow the wizard. The mere uninstallation of the driver and restart of the system may help in allowing the software to work.

Applications not responding

The Sony Vaio® E series has the bandwidth to support multiple applications and software. However, if the application does not respond properly click on ‘Start’, ‘Control Panel’ and ‘Administrative Tools’, click on ‘Event Viewer’. Check on the recent activity of software programs in the event window. Click on the program that seems to be causing trouble. Moreover one could also open the task manager, check for the application that is not responding, close it and go to administrative tools to repair the software.

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