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Making a recovery disk for Sony® VAIO E Series

Recovery disc Sony VAIO E Series
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How to make a recovery disk for Sony VAIO E Series?

Safety is an essential issue in computers right now. Your Sony Vaio E Series is a solid computer but of course issues and problems can come around endangering the system. Virus attacks, malfunctioning drivers and missing or deleted system components can lead to a system crash. If not resolved, you might suffer from a wasted investment and a damaged system. The great thing is that you can use recovery disks for your computer and it will help you in addressing issues regarding your system.

Here are some things you have to consider regarding the recovery disk:
  • Importance of a recovery disk
  • Making the disk
  • Other things you should probably do

Importance of a recovery disk

The recovery disk is an essential tool as it can help in recovering your damaged computer to the original factory settings. This means that when you use the recovery disk, all the settings will be set back to the time when you first took your Sony VAIO out of its box. This is very important if you want to address the issues regarding your system. If you have viruses and other kinds of issues, recovery disks will help you out in addressing those problems.

Making the disk

All you have to do is get blank disks. Click on the Sony VAIO Recovery wizard and then follow the steps. Insert and remove the disks as needed and label them so you know which ones should go first and next. It is a very easy task but ensure that you have made the disk prior to any issues. if the PC cannot be booted anymore, you missed the chance of making the recovery disk. You might need to buy a recovery disk from Sony itself.

Other things you should probably do

When you use the recovery disk, you are removing all files and settings on your Sony VAIO E Series and this means the only thing left is the original factory setting. Make a backup and update it all the time so that you can save the files that you need for your system. By doing so, you are minimizing the stress and the problems of losing the data that you need. Hopefully you would not need any recovery disk in the future by using preventive measures and checking your Sony VAIO E Series all the time.


    i lost my recovery disc


    wers d recovery wizard option??

      Sajeesh Sahadevan

      wers d recovery wizard option??
      Not all Sony machines have this feature. Look for the wizard in “Start>All Programs”. If it is not available, you can contact Sony and have them ship the recovery disk over. The toll free number for Sony VAIO support is 1-888-476-6972(available 24×7).
      The recovery tool can be accessed by holding down ‘Alt’ and ‘F10’ while the system starts up. So, if the recovery partition is installed on your system, you can back up crucial data and initiate the recovery process using this method whenever required.


    great idea

    Jawala Prasad

    My windows are crashed, I had my recovery discs created when i bought this machine. My question is that if I insert the recovery disc to my system which is without windows now will it install my windows also or i have first install windows from some other source then i can use recovery


    How can we create recovery disk of window 8 (E Series)…??…
    please answer here or mail me the answer…


    Hi I have a Sony vaio e series sve14a15fgw what is the name of the recovery disc I need? Thanks


    Dear sir,
    I Don’t have recovery partition. What can i do for recover my operating system..?

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