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Network Controller in Sony® VAIO E Series

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Addressing Network Controller issues in Sony VAIO E Series

A computer right now is not just a device that can be used to type documents and print them. There is so much more fucntionality in laptops like the Sony Vaio E Series that is just waiting to be recognized and revealed. Networking and connecting to the internet are two of the most important functions of the laptop right now. Without it, we feel incomplete. Since the Internet has become a mega sensation, we need a device that can help us connect. The Network Controller is a device that helps the user to connect to the Internet and make networking possible. Of course, there ar possible issues that could lead to the device not fucntioning well.

Here are some things you have to know about the network controller and addressing the issues.
  • The importance of the device
  • Driver issues
  • Hardware problems

The importance of the device

The network controller enables the Sony VAIO E Series to connect to a network. It has a phyical layer and it provides security using the MAC address. The MAC address is a form of low level addressing. Through the Network Controller, Sony VAIO E Series can connect using wired or wireless connections. We also call the Network Controller as the Ethernet card and with the help of this device we can gain connection to the outside world with ease. Of course a broadband subsctiption is needed to connect over the internet.

Driver issues

One of the possible issues regarding the Network Controller on Sony VAIO E Series would be driver issues. The driver is a software component that is necessary to effectively communicate software commands to the hardware. This means that if the driver is malfunctioning, it could lead to devastating results like system crashes. You need to update your drivers. Use ‘Device manager’ to check on the status of your device driver. If the Network Controller has no distress or warning symbol, it means the drivers are updated. If it has a symbol, then it means you need to do something about your Network Controller or you might not be able to connect.

Hardware problems

If the hardware controller has issues witht the hardware it could mean that it has a factory defect or it was not installed properly. Check the installation and also check if you can detect the network controller via ‘Device manager’. If not it means either the driver could be not installed properly or is loose or damaged.

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