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Graphics driver in Sony® VAIO E Series

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Information on installing graphic drivers in Sony® VAIO E Series

The Sony VAIO E Series is great for viewing high definitions Blu-Ray movies and on gaming mode, the computer never fails. Of course this would not be possible if not for the power of a graphics card. The graphics card is important for the impeccable quality of the visuals that we see on the Sony VAIO E Series and it helps in boosting the visual integrity of programs that require such things. The graphics card would not be running well without the graphics driver.

Here are some tips on finding and installing the right driver for your Sony VAIO E Series:

  • Looking for drivers
  • Driver installation
  • Things to be kept in mind

Looking for drivers

In looking for graphics drivers for the Sony VAIO E Series you can search the manufacturer’s website. This option is mostly reliable if you upgraded to a new graphics card. You need to search the right driver for the exact model of the card and the OS you are running on. You can use the device manager to look for drivers as well. All you have to do is go to ‘Device Manager,’ click on the ‘Graphics Card’ that you wish to update and then click on ‘Update Driver Software.’

Driver installation

For the first method, once you have selected the driver you need for Sony VAIO E Series, download the driver and save it on the hard disk. You can go ahead to ‘Device Manager’ and then select the ‘Graphics Driver’ you want to update. Click again on ‘Update Driver Software’ option. A popup window will appear and it will ask as to how you want to do the update. Find the driver manually and then install it. If you opt for an automatic update, you just have to wait if the computer was able to see new driver updates to be installed. Once installed, the computer will restart and your graphics card is updated with new drivers.

Things to be kept in mind

You should not install drivers that are unsigned. Check the properties of the drivers and see to it that it has undergone compatibility testing. Incompatible drivers can damage other driver processes and it can also lead to a system crash. Be careful of your downloads and look only in reliable sites.

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