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Factory settings in Sony® VAIO E Series

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Restoring factory settings in Sony® VAIO® E Series

When we first receive our Sony VAIO E Series, we know already of what we want to do with it. We are ready with the programs we want to install, add and change settings to make it work for our needs and add new kinds of security programs for added features. It is a blank slate ready to be used and to be painted on. Of course as time goes by, with multiple errors and a variety of problems regarding security, the Sony VAIO E Series can become less efficient. At the end of the day, the device can experience minor crashes. Resetting your Sony VAIO E Series to its original factory setting can help you revive the lost vitality of your laptop.

Here are some things you need to know about factory settings:

  • What is factory setting?
  • Recovering the factory settings
  • Information on related considerations

What is factory setting?

Factory setting is the default, original setting and condition of your Sony VAIO E Series when it came out of the box. The system includes all the programs that are essential as well as the OS you chose. When you install new programs, the settings expand but these settings can be changed and rearranged. The original factory settings can be retrieved by using a recovery disk or recovery partition hidden on Sony VAIO E Series. The factory settings of your Sony VAIO E Series can be very important especially during the times you need to recover from an impending system crash.

Recovering the factory settings

When you first open your Sony VAIO E Series, you will be prompted to make a recovery CD. This CD is the image copy of the factory settings. By doing so, you have an assurance that even if your Sony VAIO E Series suddenly collapsed, your Sony VAIO E Series can be retrieved. You just have to use a DVD to make the disk. Once you made the Recovery disk for the factory settings, label it accordingly and then secure it somewhere safe. You can also boot your Sony VAIO E Series on startup by pressing on F10 multiple times. You will be prompted to recover the original factory settings.

Information on related considerations

The thing about using the factory settings is that it will remove all the data and settings that you have installed or created on the Sony VAIO E Series. If you need all these information or the settings, make a backup so that the even if the factory settings destroyed the ones on the laptop, you got an image copy of the files and settings.

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