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Sony® VAIO E series Blue Screen Error

Blue Screen Error
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Reasons for Blue Screen errors in Sony VAIO E series.

The most frustrating computer errors are the Blue Screen errors that typically occur with device driver conflicts. Like the pop-up errors, it may be tempting to write down the cryptic error computer message that flashes on the Blue Screen prior to the system rebooting. If the computer was working fine and if it suddenly develops repeated Blue Screen, then something has changed that is causing the error. Blue Screen (officially known as stop error) is displayed by the operating system, after encountering a critical system error and can cause the system to shutdown to prevent from further damage. Sony VAIO E Series is a solid laptop that’s good for multitasking and multimedia. It is available in the market with different colors and design mainly focused on college students. Each model features a quick-boot “WEB“ button that quickly transfers your laptop into a web browser without the need to completely boot the machine into Windows. You will get full-size keyboard in various colors with optional skins with this laptop.

The following points will provide a better understanding of Blue Screen errors in Sony VAIO E series:
  • Reasons of Blue Screen error
  • Consequences of Blue Screen error
  • Effects on system performance
  • Tips to fix and prevent Blue Screen errors

Reasons of Blue Screen error

Blue Screen happens when the computer is instructed to place data in a location in the system memory which is either in use or a faulty one. It is usually a random error. It is sometimes caused by error in the Windows Registry. The longer we use the computer, more errors get created in the registry. Windows cannot fix this problem internally, making the system to crash and we get the Blue Screen of Death. It is a fatal error in which Windows become helpless.

Consequences of Blue Screen error

The system might crash at times when Blue Screen error is faced. The error will not let you do anything with the computer. It will shutdown your computer unexpectedly or it might shutdown and restart. The consequences of Blue Screen of Death can range from simple reboot to catastrophic data loss. The particular error message can give you a clue as to the severity of the problem and the complexity of the solution. However, the cause could be as bad as dead piece of hardware that can’t be restored.

Effects on system performance

A Blue Screen of Death will interrupt whatever else the computer was doing at the time. There will be sudden shift of your computer’s monitor to a Blue Screen with lines of white text. The text may seem like a foreign language, but it is important information related to a problem that brought halt to your computer operations. If you can start your system in safe mode, the error is probably software related. If a Blue Screen error occurs it will provide you with a message, whenever you try to open any folder the system might in turn shutdown.

Tips to fix and prevent Blue Screen errors

If the error message points to a specific driver, you should update the most current driver from the manufacturer’s website. Make sure your computer software is not running high. You can access your computer temperature in the BIOS display at boot up time. Download any pending Windows Update. An outdated Windows operating system runs into more errors. Delete all viruses because a virus threat can cause more errors. Thus, you can prevent and fix errors to some extent.

One Comment
    Bhagyesh S Poyekar

    hello i had purchased sony vaio E-series laptop VPCEH25EN on march 2012, and widin 6 months i had been a victim of blue screen n self rebooting of my laptop. i have the list of error which i had got from the time of purchase as follows:

    0x00000FC,0x0000007E,0x0000003B,0x0000004A,0x0000001E,0x0000000A,0×00000024,0×00000050 n it follows n today also i had got an error in the middle while i was formating my laptop through the ASSIST key : 0×00000024.
    i am too woried of my laptop coz its not even a year old n i am having this problem n also when i call the customer care they say its softwares fault n ask me to format it all over again, but practically its very difficult to format my laptop soo often as i everytime need to install the softwares n all those things. n also my one year warranty will end on march,2013.
    i just want to ask wedr my laptop is an defective piece which i hav got ? because my fren also had purchased the vaio series laptop n its 2 and half year old n he isnt having a single problem or difficulty with it , please help me as soon as possible !!

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