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Sony® VAIO CW Series HDMI® Output

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Tips to solve problems related to VAIO CW Series HDMI output.

If you have the desire of getting a fashionable laptop then nothing can match a VAIO CW Series laptop. With sleek design and glossy exterior, it serves the needs of home and business users. An advanced feature of a VAIO CW Series laptop is the HDMI output attached with it which helps you to watch your favorite movies, DVDs and music albums in your 52-inch high-definition TV. Though it is great to watch movies and albums on TV sometimes you might face some problems related to the HDMI output of your Sony Vaio CW Series Laptop

Here is detailed information on VAIO CW Series HDMI output -
  • Microsoft Windows desktop appearing on both laptop display and the HDTV set
  • No sound problem
  • Unsuitable image on the TV

Microsoft Windows desktop appearing on both laptop display and the HDTV set

Sometimes you might find that the desktop of your operating system appears on both the laptops as well as the HDTV when you plug in the laptop to the TV via the HDMI output. This will create a problem if you want to view the Blu-ray movies. The user will realize that the Blu-ray movies will not play if such as error occurs. Therefore, you need to change the display mode from ‘Dualview’ option and check that the connection from the laptop to the television is active for proper playback.

No sound problem

You can have the no sound problem with the HDMI output with your VAIO CW Series laptop. You might get the picture on your HDTV but without the sound. For that you need to turn off the laptop and disconnect the cable between the HDTV and the laptop HDMI port. Then change the TV input to the same HDMI port and then turn on the laptop. Now go to the Notification Area of the laptop and there click on the ‘Show Hidden Icons’ button. Double click on it and a box will appear with the picture of both the sound devices. You will find the Microsoft device to be set as a default. Click on the words ‘Set Default’ on the other device. Then click ‘OK’. This will help you to solve the sound problem.

Unsuitable image on the TV

You might find that the image that is coming from the laptop to the HDTV is not filling up the screen of your television and is also coming distorted. To solve this problem first try to change the screen resolution by going to the ‘Display Properties’ option. If this does not solve the problem then you need to go to the ‘Start’ menu and then click on ‘All Programs.’ Open the VAIO Control Center and select ‘Expand Display.’ Then select the HDMI Resolution Configuration Setting option and change it to 720p. It will help you solve the problem.

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