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Factory Settings in Sony® VAIO CW Series

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A few tips to help your Sony VAIO CW Series to restore to factory settings

Sony Vaio CW Series combines the Intel turbo boost technology and Intel Core i5 processor, which automatically adapts to your tasks, dialing up speeds and responding to your needs. Multitasking is much easier in this system. It has a dedicated NVIDIA graphics card with 256MB of dedicated video RAM, in order to boost 3D performance and day to day operations. It becomes very easy to work with HD video large image files or extreme graphics applications. It has also got a built in Blu-ray Disc Technology. Restoring your Sony VAIO CW Series to its default factory settings is both quick and exceptionally easy.

The following are some of the tips to restore to factory settings in Sony VAIO CW Series:
  • How to start the Restore?
  • Follow the instructions
  • Great care

How to start the Restore?

First ‘Click’ the start button on your taskbar. In Windows Vista, the ‘Start’ button will look like a blue button with the Windows logo. Locate and click the ‘Control Panel’ option located inside of the ‘Start’ menu. This will bring up your ‘Control Panel’ screen. This can be kept in mind while restoring to factory settings in Sony VAIO CW Series.

Follow the instructions

Double-click the VAIO Recovery Wizard button. This will bring up a window. Follow the instructions carefully. When prompted, confirm that you want to reset your Sony VAIO CW Series to its original factory settings. Allow the system an hour to properly restore itself to factory settings. This is another thing to be followed while restoring to factory settings in Sony VAIO CW Series.

Great care

If you have Sony VAIO CW Series recovery disks, you can ease the process by simply inserting these disks and following the instructions. Back up any files that you may want to keep before the restore. As the restore begins, any files not backed up will be lost forever. Do not allow your system to run out of battery power or else it may shutdown during the restoration process. This can cause serious damage. These are the tips to restore to the factory settings in Sony VAIO CW Series.

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