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How to transfer your games in Sony PlayStation

Sony PlayStation 3
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The news about Sony abandoning backward compatibility in its new PS4 is doing rounds on the Internet and the tech world. This means that both the hard disc as well as the downloaded content will not be compatible with PS4. So, if you are having a bunch of PSN games on PS3, they will not make their journey to PS4. This is due to the significant differences in the hardware processing compatibilities. However, if you are a proud owner of PS3 and are still not able to transfer your content from your old PS3 to your new PS3 console, then we can help you walk through the step-by-step data transfer process and help you step up your new PS3 with much ease and convenience.

        I. Sync all the information in your trophy to Sony’s server

    • Go to game and click on trophy collection.
    • Push the triangle on your controller.
    • The menu will open up. Now sync your data with the server.

II. Deactivate your system

    • Go to the PlayStation network
    • Click Account management and then on system activation to deactivate your system for game and video data.

III. System update

    • Click on Settings and check for updates.
    • To avoid errors during the transfer process, disable the media server connection by clicking on Network connections.
    • Now disable the Internet connection.
    • Finally, go back to the System menu and click on Data Transfer utility.

IV. Connect your old and new PS3 together through an Ethernet cable. Also, make sure that your new PS3 in connected to your TV.

V. Select ‘Transfer data from this system to the other PS3 system’ once you are prompted to select the operation that you want to perform.

VI. Click ‘OK’ to start the transfer process.

VII. Once the transfer process is complete, the new PS3 will automatically reboot. FKFCJHPZD2W7

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