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Sorcery for PlayStation 3 — Upcoming Game Release From Sony®

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This is one game that would fascinate any age group of gamers with its well-designed gameplay

Sorcery for PlayStation 3

Sony is going to release a tempting game by the start of the second quarter of 2012. The game titled Sorcery has been designed to be played with PlayStation Move controller that tracks the moves of the player and synchronizes them with the gameplay. The game was first introduced in Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2010 and applauded by PS3 gamers for its interesting plot and vibrant graphics.

The plot revolves around the wizard named Finn, who has to fight against the evil Nightmare Queen and her crooked machinations. Using the Move device as a sorcerer’s wand, you would need to cast powerful spells against the sinister characters. The background setup of the game resembles an Irish folklore kingdom based on Celtic myths in a medieval fairyland. Each detail is intricately designed to make you feel highly absorbed along the gameplay and within its main character, Finn. You would face enemies, have to solve puzzles, make magical potions, learn new spells, and even disinfect the dark magic looming upon your fancy world. You can combine various spells to come up with a deadly warfare. You can unfold secret power-ups and gold coins to become mightier.

While the games based on PlayStation Move are still being considered ‘a thing for the teens’, Sorcery would definitely make you interested at the earnest for the simple reason of its entertaining gameplay and sapid interactive features. The challenges are not easy; they would demand agility and wit to your very best.

Rating: Pending
Publisher: SCEA
Platform: PlayStation 3
Genre: Action Adventure

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