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Sony® ready to introduce 3D gaming as the future of PlayStation 3

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Sony, which is continuously putting efforts in introducing 3D gaming on PlayStation 3, has now taken a new initiative. It is going to release its PlayStation branded 3D monitor in this holiday season. The monitor will allow full-screen two-player head-to-head gaming in 3D-supporting titles like Resistance 3 and Uncharted 3.

As announced by Jack Tretton, the CEO and President of Sony Entertainment Corp., the introduction of this 24-inch monitor, along with active shutter LCD glasses, an HDMI cable and a copy of Resistance 3 at a price of $499, would be much light on the pockets of PS3 gamers.

Sony is confident that in spite of failures in the past, the current 3D initiative will succeed. In an interview given to video gaming website GameSpot, Mick Hocking, Sony Group Studio Director said “What’s different about today is this is the first time we’ve been able to offer high-quality 3D: a high-quality display with high resolution, high refresh rates, high-quality software and movie experiences”, while stating that buying high quality 3D products is now much more affordable.

At present, 3DTV market is growing and Sony had got 50 million 3D-enabled PS3s with more than 50 3D games. Sony also believes that achieving high-quality 3D requires active shutter glasses and for high definition, the need is for active shutter glasses with a Sony Bravia screen.

So in this holiday season, Sony is all set to offer high-quality 3D, a high-quality display with high resolution, high-quality software, high refresh rates and motion picture experiences. Sony is hoping that in the coming future, 3D will be adopted by a large number of users and it will continue to grow.

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